Moments Of Timeless Pleasure

Friends, Vladville

(I thought long and hard, which is rare, on whether I should post this on Vladville or not as its quite personal.)

I spoke to many successful and quite impressive people in both my business (Vladfire) and elsewhere about the way they define success.


Earlier tonight I had wrapped up a fairly long and exhausting week (DFWVF) and I went to the living room to find my wife soundly asleep on the couch at 8 PM. So I dragged her to bed and went back to doing what I was doing before. By 10:30 PM I was bored out of my mind and I went back to the bedroom.

Vlad: Hump.

Katie: What.

Vlad: You’re wearing a plain white tank top, the international sign for “Please hump me.”

Katie: What do you want?

Vlad: I’m bored out of my mind. Entertain me!

So she put her clothes on and took me out at 11 PM. We drove about two miles to Downtown Disney and went to Ghirardelli’s for a bannana split. Now I am not sure where exactly success in this is. In that it took me nearly 5 years since moving to Orlando to finally do what I moved here to do, that I can go somewhere at 11 PM and not have a care in the world about having to be anywhere tomorrow, that I can eat a banana split way past any normal persons bedtime and not have a heart attack…

But tonight, in however small way, I was very very happy.

And I get to enjoy it until Katie finds this blog post and kills me.

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