Shutting down WIFI on my laptop

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I am about a billion times more productive on the road, despite being less organized and less resourceful. The other day I was in a hotel room with no wifi, no ability to lookup some javascript function and yet I managed to have better output than I’ve had this morning. In the same amount of time last week I managed to crank out a ton of code, today – well, not quite impressive.


Cause apparently I have an attention span of a braindead squirrel. I opened up Firefox to look up something quick on the intranet for the dynamics tab section of Shockey Monkey but instead ended up reading an article on the Boeing Dreamliner. Brilliant, and almost 10 minutes gone along with the idea I had before my homepage came up.

When I get back home to Orlando I am absolutely disabling wireless access on my laptop so I can get some real work done. Something to ponder on how much of a distraction Internet provides on top of regular office stuff.

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