Social LA & Denver and Weird World Partner Conference


As I mentioned earlier, I will be in Los Angeles this week and in Denver next week. I’m going to have enough downtime in both places and would like to meet some of our partners, so if you’re in the neighborhood let me know.

Los Angeles

The best time for LA would be on Wednesday or Thursday night, 7/4 or 7/5, drop me an email directly if you’re going to be in the Beverly Hills area. Dinner/drinks are on me, I am thinking about going either to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica or in Overland (between Wilshire and Santa Monica east of 405). I just know I need to get out of West Hollywood because I’ve misplaced my Erick Simpson VIP party pass


Ok, this is going to sound weird but I assure you its no joke.

Is there any way to get a tour of the Denver Aiport. It is supposedly one of the creepiest places on earth, from art to design to history.

The Denver Airport is easilly the most expensive and overbudgeted airport ever built. Nothing new there. The interesting part is that, for what is essentially a big tent, the project was not only ridiculously overpaid for but was built when a perfectly normal airport was already in the area. And this new one was built 30 miles out of the city. And, the local government that went so far into the red, ended up in high profile positions within the Clinton administration. Not spooked enough?

Here are some murals you can see at the Denver airport:


That is a gestapo deamon with a sword and an automatic weapon crusading through the burning city with the souls of children and women trailing behind him.


Gestapo officer apparently dead surrounded by children that are olding on to the sword – and wrapping more in their country flags.


And the dedication plate… New World Order.


And for the cake topper – the runway layout of the airport.. why, it’s a swastika.

Break out your conspiracy tapes and Art Bell recordings. The big conspiracy theory behind the Denver Airport is that the top of the giant underground base. As with any other conspiracy, there are many coincidences that are easilly used to support even the wildest theories, but one thing I think you will agree from these pictures is that this place is hella creepy.

So the natural question is…. how does one get a tour?



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