Google Reader Sucks


Ok, I’ll say it. Google Reader’s recent update sucks. Big time.

Google Reader team decided to get cute and give me more real restate on my screen – at an expense of the nagivation and efficiency. Instead of having a bar at the left side of the screen so I can quickly scroll through my blogs and categories, Google decided to remove it completely and make it a slide-in <div>.

Congratulations. So now instead of being able to click on different feeds and quicky catch up I have to click once on My Subscriptions link and look at the shrunken list of my blogs. Then I have to scroll up and down the list, add a click or two, and then click again on the feed I want to read – just to have my feed subscription list disappear.

And nobody at Google figured to say.. “Hey, this might piss off a lot of users, how about we add 2 lines of Javascript code for a “dock” function? What good is revert to previous version when it reverts to the same crap?

But Google shouldn’t be too down on itself, I am still using Google to find myself a new RSS reader.

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