How to get promoted at Microsoft

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(there is a point to this, just read on) The age old question of “Who do I have to blow to get promoted around here?” that Microsofties have been asking themselves forever has finally been answered!

bio_scott This guy.

Get this – wife, seven kids. Allegedly he humped one of his VP’s, his business manager, his admin staff and a few others. This is pretty much as close as you can get to being a IT rock star. This guys job was dogfooding Microsoft’s latest alpha/beta/CTP stuff and he still found time to get some!

According to Valleywag, this is the fourth CIO in the last few years, so if you want to get laid, Microsoft is the place to be.

(Be honest, did you see this coming?) In a completely unrelated coincidental story, I would like to congratulate Robbie Upcroft on his promotion. Robbie has done a phenomenal job for the UK partner community and Robbie finally cracked and begged her majesty for safe return to Port Jackson, marking the largest distance anyone has traveled to get away from Susanne. (citation needed)

Joke aside, I know I’m joining many people in thanking Robbie for his hard work and worldwide reach, and I’m sure his Australian partners are anxiously awaiting his return. I’m also sure he will be thrilled to see his name on this post.

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