Veterans Day

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Looking at my inbox this late at night it appears I am the only person that has taken the Veterans Day off or perhaps noticed it even exists. In United States this is both the federal and state holiday which usually means everything but the food/movies is closed… but not today – not only is everything wide open, nobody seems to have noticed it with the exception of the furniture store, car dealership and the local news stations – which ran a mention of it after the obviously retarded lady torturing an animal in the 3 day line waiting for the IKEA store opening, deportation debate and organ donor story.

Shame on you Orlando.

I’m probably the first one to say that the respect is earned. I understand you may not support the war. I understand you may not support the president with the lowest approval rating ever or the vice president that just had impeachment articles introduced against him. I understand that our government has flushed our civil liberties down the toilet. I understand that this has turned into a commercial nation that (as a result of the above f…ups has tanked our economy) cannot take a single day off but that does not warrant not even acknowledging this one day a year to thank the people that have died in combat, served to keep us safe, to make it possible to sit for three days in an IKEA store opening line. I understand. But apathy is not an excuse for lack of respect and gratitude.


To those of  you that served, made a sacrifice and even died to allow me to live the way I do.. Thank you.

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