Are we worth it?

IT Culture

I was in an IT expert chat today with some of the smartest people I know in this business and I had a little epiphany that I want to share with you in a very short and succint way:

When exactly was the precise moment when reading documentation became optional and IT professionals expected things to just work, intuitively, without reading, trial & error and experience? Expecting things to work without knowing how or why they work is becoming the norm, people are losing the art of putting things together. Instead, expectation is that everything should work, preferably without effort.

I’m not talking about things breaking, I am talking about how some cannot even manage to get to that point. Times have changed my friends, as have expectations, and it seems that the break-fix, managed services, technical and business consulting worlds of huge premiums are coming to an end. What’s your exit strategy?

P.S. It’s not doom & gloom, just market reality of IT business moving at a speed of light and the decade long problems are being solved for pennies on the dollar; the business model of the leaders in this space looks questionable and its clear to see they have no profitable direction or value proposition to communicate. I have a very big decision to make in my business, perhaps the biggest one I’ve made since 2003 or so, and this trend thats been creeping up my back is starting to boil to the surface. Frankly, we’re talking to Google.

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