Dell Me-too’s a Tablet, Dead on Delivery

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Yesterday Dell me-too’ed tablet, joining the phenomenally unsuccessful line of computer genre soon to be in your basement under the pile of books you never read. Too expensive for consumers, too overpriced for anyone else and too ugly for a picture frame.

It’s not all bad news, comes with a battery that can run for nearly 10 hours.


Lot’s of pictures here. If it weren’t bad enough that these gadgets are still very limited appeal with a puzzling throwback to the old tales of the future where we’d be able to write and talk to computers one day, these brickies come with a $2,500 price tag.

Nice try for 2002. Dell is not Apple. Michael, why don’t you wake us up when you can get it under $500.

2 Responses to Dell Me-too’s a Tablet, Dead on Delivery

  1. StaceyCochran says:

    Tablets have their place in certain verticals, and some of the more techie customers like the “O-AHHHH!” factor of it. I am more interested in some of the touchscreen PC’s coming out, like the HP IQ775. Once people figure out how to tap their screens without tipping their monitors off their desks, I think it will be an interesting niche market.

  2. ababinchak says:

    Hello!!!! The Dell tablet isn’t just a tablet. Watch the video with the engineer on their blog. (yes, Dell blogs) It’s got a bright in outdoors screen and it’s a touch screen. I thought it looked pretty cool. Yes still over priced but by more like by $800. I expect that it’s going to come down by that much in the next few months. This is no, me too.

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