Introducing Vlad 2.0, Vlad++


So I finally get to show you why I stepped back from the road… Say hello to the new (brewing) baby boy:


Oh, yes.. It’s exactly what you think it is. Or as I so (in)appropriately yelled out at the OBGYN: “Yeah boyeee, way to beat the cursor! Smack that arrow.”

Estimated release date, May 18.

78 Responses to Introducing Vlad 2.0, Vlad++

  1. Lori @ Nettronix says:

    That’s Vlad’s son alright! Flashing his junk for all the world to see.

    Way to go!

  2. John from mia tech says:

    Vlad Jr slinging his Oscar Mayer..

    Wait till he does the baby sprinkler impression. Oops, spoiled the surprise!

  3. sammy says:

    Congrats guys!

    I don’t know if I’m just the most sadistic one in the audience but I’d pay good money to come back during teenage years so I can see Vlad Sr. fight with Vlad Jr.

    Vlad mirror match!

    Katie, you poor poor girl 🙂

  4. TimB says:

    Hey there little Vlad, way to put the best foot forward.

    Oh thats not your foot..


    Good craftsmanship K&V.

  5. mavmesa says:

    How much trouble and heartache did you put that sonicgram tech through to get THAT picture???

    I am glad for you.

    Better treat Mommy right and have lots of eggplant and peanutbutter on hand until May!

  6. Dave Nickason says:

    Congratulations to you and Katie! I’m happy for you.

    Merry Christmas,


  7. expertech says:

    Congratulations on the new bundle of joy, this will change your life in the way you cannot even imagine.

  8. AChurba says:

    Congratulations. Sure beats worrying about every penis in the world as with a girl. You’ll soon find out what unconditional love is all about!

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  10. asorensen says:

    Welcome to the family Vlad Jr!

    If you haven’t already go get What to expect when expecting book. It will save you a lot of hair and explain whats going on with your wife.

  11. alevin says:

    I must be slow, at first glance that looked like a nose. Only when I tilted my head a little did I see what it was. Whoa, good for the boy!

    And great for the two of you. New baby is both a blessing and a selfinducd insomnia

  12. drshaw says:

    Well he really “sprung” onto the web, didn’t he? 🙂

    Great news Vlad and Katie

  13. yani bailes says:


    You guys will make great parents, this kid is so lucky (and how!)

  14. Emily I. says:

    That is such great news. You are so lucky!

  15. Justin Sposse says:


    Echoing what someone above said: skipping an IT conference to have sex is a plus any way you look at it! Get ready to skip more, you won’t want to leave.

  16. vlad says:

    Wow, thank you guys!

    MAPI PIMP has a nice touch, I’ll admit it.

    No comments on the name, we have not picked one but Tim Tebow is not in the running. Neither is Tim Danny Steve Mazek for that matter, though I did pitch that one. 🙂

    Katie has the book that was mentioned, Tim actually told me about it during chat today. It’s surprisingly accurate.

    For those of you that couldn’t quite piece it together and figure out what you were looking at… I mean… come on, would you expect anything less of me and of Vladville than to have my first offspring flipping you the bird?


  17. vermin says:

    I wonder what is the codename of this project? And under what name given your way of naming thing will it be released? 😉

  18. azedison says:

    Way to go kids! May your journey to parenthood be filled only with the best.

  19. Jules W says:

    Dude, and Katie,

    Congratulations 🙂

    Was it the result of one of the white shirts I read about in a blog post not too long ago??

    In any case, current release date makes it for a bull headed Taurean… Could make for an interesting child / youth / adult.

    Very very very cool news.

  20. Wayne K says:

    Congratulations to you both.

    Nice to see someone arriving from the deeper end of the gene pool 🙂

    Best wishes for the holiday season too.

  21. Philip Elder says:

    The journey to the birth of your fist child is an awesome one! And, maybe a little painful too. 😉

    Wait until you get to the “alien baby” stage when things are sticking out of Katie’s tummy in strange places and it seems like the kid is swinging around on the cord! They love music and Dr. Seuss in the womb. 🙂

    Monique and I are a team: In our marriage, our business, and now as parents.

    At no time does team strength show itself more than during the birthing of your first kid. Good communication between you two and your supporting her completely through the whole process will help things move along as smoothly as possible.

    Suggestion: Get a birthing ball for Katie. It saved our first birth, and made the second one a lot easier.

    I hope you have family around to help you during the first 3 months as they are the most difficult adjustment period after the first baby.

    Vlad, the real kicker will be the first time you walk in the door and the kid is running at you screaming with delight. It somehow makes it all worth it.

    Good on you two. Merry Christmas … neat present eh? 😉


  22. Jeff Dempsey says:


    You will be the biggest hero to your son, and he will look at you with amazement and wonder as you take care of him.

    I still remember the days when I would come home and my kids would drop everything they were doing and shout, “Daddy’s home!!!” It is an amazing feeling, and to be cherished.

    Enjoy every minute, and remember: You will never be the same after you see your son.

    (who thankfully forgets what it was like before he had kids, all 6 of them)

  23. Chris Knight says:


    Get all your sleep now!

    I reckon our wives are happy that their ship date slippages are nowhere near as bad as ours 🙂

  24. Carlos says:


    My friend I am so happy for you. We’ve known each other for a verrrrrrrry long time and I know you’ll rock the house as a dad.

    PS. How’s it feel to see your son be bigger than you down there on the sonogram?!

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