We Weed You A Merry Christmas

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On the drive to work today, things were quickly approaching zero. My laptop battery, Florida temperature and of course Katie’s gasoline bar.  Time to make a quick call: be stuck on the side of I4 for over an hour during rush hour traffic with an empty laptop, or go through the neighborhood ripped straight out of Grand Theft Auto looking for a gas station. Suffice to say, we choose poorly.

Rolling down the OBT,
looking for a pump,
nothing but hookers and thugs,
laid back, with my laptop on my lap and dying battery on my mind

And then we officially reached stereotype city. Cokeheads sprawled on the sidewalk at the Citgo, bars on the doors and windows. Welcome to Orlando, the city beautiful. And as Katie pumped gas a very energetic guy started jumping around the gas station. At 7 am, in 40 degree weather, which by Florida’s standards is like swimming in the arctic. And what was this.. entrepreneur.. bouncing around for?

“Do you smoke? Do you smoke? I got weed.”
“Heigh ho, reefer.. Heigh ho reefer..”
“I’ve got reefer..”

santa57It’s times like this that you realize that less than half a tank is probably enough to get out of this jolly predicament you’ve found yourself in. “What was he saying?” asks the wife, “It doesn’t matter, he was selling dear.”

And as I’m sure she probably thought, “Thanks for the case load and keeping the tox lab in business”, I had something else on my mind. How does someone that enthusiastic and energetic wake up before the crack of dawn in the freezing weather just to push some weed? Then I remembered that I probably woke up much earlier than he did and was on the road longer just so I can move some Exchange mailboxes around the world.

Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for what I have, what I have built and what it does for people around the world. I get dozens of notes from people whose businesses have been saved by LiveArchive, a freebie addon product that we just launched a few months ago is keeping people with thousands in servers and infrastructure working from home while their office is snowed in and without power. That is where I find the energy to do what I do.

I solve people’s problems. As does the weed guy. In a weird way, my peer from OBT gave me enough energy to get it through the day. As I do for a lot of people with this very blog. Happy Monday folks, and happy holidays.

Motivational tips from hustlers and movers.. Gotta love it.

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