Welcome Brianna to our family

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SMB blogging, for all intents and purposes, is a family. Small, worldwide, dysfunctonal family. The epicenter of that family is the msmvps.com network, or better known as yoda.msmvps.com, the lone server that nearly all of you have hit either directly or indirectly. Susan hosts a ton of MVPs that blog about just about everything and over the past two years little yoda has gone from a single virtual server, to a full Pentium 4 server, to a Pentium D dual core and.. well.. spammers combined with a horrible blogging platform have made the old yoda a little slow.

So today we welcome a new member to this family.. brianna.msmvps.com will be the new Core 2 server dedicated solely to the SQL server backend of the www.msmvps.com


The server is just a small token of of appreciation and a Christmas gift from me to Susan. Susan is the one up there on the left. I host a number of SMB blogs at Own Web Now and frankly, without Susan you never would have seen those nor would Vladville have ever come to life. Susan is the person that encouraged me to blog and honestly, she singlehandedly runs msmvps.com with only the microscopic input from the peanut gallery. She also gets 210% of the crap and complaints about it from the "community" so I figured that with my latest posts on supporting the resources you like the least I ought to do is hook Susan up with some decent hardware.

The msmvps site remains as the most dominant independent source of information and insight into the Microsoft technology, receives $0 funding from anyone, and runs 100% out of Susan's wallet and the blog posts are all put up by the Microsoft MVPs, who also happen to put them up there for free. When you're having a problem, thats the first place that will likely show up in Google. So if thats where you get your info from, take a moment and at least send them your thanks this holiday season.

Merry Christmas Susan! 🙂