Two business nonsense realities

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Just because a project doesn’t make money does not make it an unprofitable project (especially if a project is a part of an overall marketing approach)

Just because you made money on something does not make it a business or a business line you should pursue (“I made a g today, but you made it in a sleazy way.” – Guess who said that and the random draw gets the “Mommy, Why is there a server in the house” book) particularly if it distracts from the business objectives, other projects or other opportunity costs.

Overall, building a sustainable and profitable business is not about making money (“I get paid for every OUNCE of my effort!“) but about making the right investments that pay off over the long term (“Pulled off a free weekend job in Y hours that lead to company visibility and X new clients“). The first one works great if you’re an apprentice to a plumber or an electrician, the second one builds a sustainable business.

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