Financing for Idiots

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One of my pet peeves is watching local infomercials in disbelief that there are so many idiots out there, just dying to give me their money. In my next business venture I am picking something far more evil than IT. Consider this brilliant commercial for a brand new car:

Owe more than it’s worth? We’ll pay it off and put you in a brand new Ford car or truck!

What they are really saying is: Are you swimming in debt but are still insecure enough about your standing that you need a brand new car to overcompensate for being a sociopath? Well, tow it in and we’ll give you less than its worth for it, finance the remainder of your loan at a likely higher rate, give you an even bigger car you can’t afford and charge you retail because beggars can’t be hagglers, and your insurance will go up, too! But wait, you will now be in even more debt, owning an asset that will depreciate far faster than your older car!

Just how fucking stupid do you have to be to bite that?

The sad truth is, not that stupid. Most people happen to be that dumb, regardless of their technical abilities they are totally unfit to run a business or advise another for that matter. That, dear reader who didn’t have the balls to post a comment but emailed me instead, is the reason I have dedicated more of my time writing business articles than taking pretty screenshots on how to install an Exchange patch and read the release notes. Most of the audience here is selling technology one way or another (internal to the boss, external to the client) and if you are going to be talking technology business you might want to be more aware of the actual business concepts when dealing with someone that has actually built one with more than 1.5 employees in it.

So ring the bell, schools in sucker. Comments are open for a reason.

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