The Cult of Vlad

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This has been a very good week, very busy week. I shared just one day of my life with you earlier this week and I have to say I enjoy reading your take on it. I consider myself quite normal, so I see the commentary on how fast I type or how many things I manage, it gives me quite an ego boost. Something this world could certainly live without, but some people take it to extremes:

Somewhere in Redmond: you’ve had some great blog posts lately, btw
Vlad Mazek: really, you still read my blog? why? 
Somewhere in Redmond: I get a kick out of watching you try to play Moses to the tribes wandering in their circles in the desert

Then last night Vijay and Katie had a talk about the “Vlad” cult following, all on top of some really wonderful comments coming from Karl’s podcast. I don’t think I’ve ever had that many people tell me that they find/call me inspirational.

Thank you.

I have to say, if you are looking at a career outside of DMV or jail, and you expect to manage people and relationships, you won’t be able to help yourself from reinforcing the positives, showing just how great the things are, inspiring people to believe in what you are doing, in what it can do for them.

Sold you a dream concept. It’s everpresent, for example, in marketing: if you can’t lie to yourself, how can you lie to others? If you don’t like the word lie, here is a project management equivalent: If you can’t believe in the solution, how can you get others to believe in it and get it done? (you hire a marketing person to lie for you)

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  1. I learnt a little more about the cult of “Vlad” last night and it was about your generosity and willingness to take time out and meet up with my family and me. We enjoyed the evening and it was a pleasure to meet Katie as well. We just need you guys to come over to the UK so we can return the kindness. Thanks again!

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