So I guess NDA means nothing anymore? Ok, I’m going to break mine too.


Geez, I guess NDA’s mean absolutely nothing anymore. Check out this assclown, that posted verbatum, out of context, commentary from a private Microsoft event to a room full of people that signed a stack of NDAs. So yes, Ballmer said:

“Vista, work in progress.”

He also happened to do it in a joking mood, to a favorable crowd, to a (fanatical) audience, in a response to a very tough question from enthusiasts who shared the pain of trying to help people that got onto the new OS. Should we just crucify the guy for making a bad joke? (the line, not the OS)

Whether fair or not, Microsoft will get beaten up in public about this just because the head cheese has a sense of humor. Cause he isn’t human or anything like that. God forbid we try to laugh a little about our mistakes and pretend they never happened. Nah, that would be wrong, just put the blinders on and keep on pretending everything is ok, right?

Wrong! I like the fact that Microsoft’s leader cracked up a little about the mistakes and is working to overcome them. Microsoft needs more of them, Microsoft needs to defend their turf and bitchslap the Apple ads with that dirty little punk. If they could just hold back just short of abusing their monopoly, crushing their partners, being anticompetitive and pushing closed, royalty-ridden substitutes for standards approval… I think we would all be a little better off.

Best part of the day, Indian MVP asked Ballmer if he had a Shockey Monkey! Now that was friggin classic:

You are a CEO of the biggest software company, 80,000 people, 200 countries.. You must work all the time, how do you sleep at night? Do you have a monkey with shockey stick that hit you when you are trying to sleep? Ok, so I added that last part in but it knocked me out of my chair 🙂

Oh, and as for the NDA material. Microsoft Lolcatdrop, it’s a codename for the new smallbiz solution below SBS specifically targeted at euthanasia clinics. I think Dave Overton is heading that one.

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