Disturbing: "The Millennials"

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The other day I wrote about Zappos.com giving “$1K offer to quit” to someone that worked there for a week to test their loyalty to the company. Last night, I watched a full 60 minutes segment on the “Millennials” and frankly I found the whole piece very disturbing. I also found it far-fetched, nothing like the college students I interact with. One particularly bothersome excerpt:

“It is no longer a problem to have four jobs on your resume during the past year.”

“I can go down the street and they will treat me better and probably pay me more money.”

The generation of instant gratification is here. But man does it have a rude awakening ahead of it. First, I always like to look at who the bitch is (see Vlad vs. Microsoft) and who needs who more. In the coming superstorm of elitist entitled entry level employees, how much of their roles will be pushed towards automation and third world markets where people would love a job?

Second, the expectation that the grass is greener on the other side is in a direct conflict with the entrepreneurs sense of investment. Let us for the moment assume that the millennials are more technically savvy and demand a high starting wage. Let us also assume they work a job in the technology service arena, where the retraining is all but required every two years. Who is paying for the training?  That’s right, I am. And guess who gets the training, who gets the conference passes, etc? The people who have my best interest in heart, not just their own.

If you think you can only think about yourself and sustain your skills for the salary you wish, you need to show both loyalty and sacrifice. Either we’re both investing in each other or the exploitation is the name of the game.

“I have been told I am special, why should I sacrifice for the company and give it my all? I don’t want to wait for it, I want it now.”

Fantastic thinking. McDonalds commercial, right? Well, prepare to work there.

During 90’s McDonalds ran tons of commercials about getting what you want, NOW! And some apparently made this a chosen lifestyle.

The problem with that is that they likely also saved exactly $0 if not dug deep in debt. Guess what happens with your salary bargaining power, ability to switch employers, relocate, train for the new role or take a new contract when you’re up to your eyeballs in your instant gratification bills?

It doesn’t work like that. You are not special. You are not smarter.

You’re gullible. The business world does not tolerate quitters and slackers, it does not reward the path of least resistance, it does not embrace the Hakuna Matata you saw in the cartoons.

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