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This one is going to be filthy… You’ve been warned.

The blog post I wrote earlier today really made me think.. What “ability to work on multitask” really means. Apparently it means I suck at multitasking, at least judging by ability to write a blog title and proofread it at the same time. I originally titled it “What ability to work on multiple tasks really means” but that spanned two lines so I decided to change it to “What ability to multitask really means” or so I thought. Two college degrees folks, if that doesn’t prove the value of higher education I don’t know what will.

But it does bring me to an interesting point. We work on a lot of things throughout the day. All of them urgent… to someone. Service delivery is a double-edged sword. You have to work towards the resolution as fast as possible while still keeping the client informed about what’s going on. Those are not complimentary tasks, I can either fix the problem or write to you about it. Which would you rather? I can write a blog post, I can put an announcement in Shockey Monkey, and if messed up bad enough we’re  sure to see support requests from the people that read as well as I write blog posts.

So earlier tonight I took the laptop to the bathroom and decided to make some magic.

I also wrote some code. Below is the result (of both actions) the first Shockey Monkey Slimy Vendor SuperPower (SMSVSP): MultiUpdate.


Above is the Shockey Monkey portal for Own Web Now. We’ll just assume that OWN rocks and has only two open support requests. 🙂

Show of hands – how many times have you come out of a meeting, or woke up from an afternoon nap just to see a bunch of support requests waiting for you? Wouldn’t it be nice to be slimy and just update  all those tickets  and say something like “I’m on it, I’ll have it fixed in a jiffy” even if you were just about to go back to your nap or another meeting? Effortless deception, baby.

Maybe you’re not a scumbag.. Maybe something just blew up and you’re working on it but as you’re rolling along you get 50 tickets opened up in the space of 10 minutes that it took you to gain control of the server. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to update all those  tickets that just piled on without opening a single one? That’s what MultiUpdate enables you to do! Usage is dead simple too.

Click on “click here to update multiple tickets” text at the bottom of the ticket listing section. A new container will slide into the view allowing you to type in your update, including all your canned responses. You can also use the full power of SM ticket update functions – change status/priority/resolution, include attachments, cc the update to someone else, send a survey, you name it!


Click the nasty green button at the bottom and watch in awe as you deliver exceptional service and status update to your client base in a prompt, detailed manner with a personal touch… as far as they know 🙂

It will be our little secret.

Psst, this ships in 1.99.04 this weekend. If this doesn’t shave some serious time off your day-to-day ops I don’t know what will.

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