I cannot stress this enough. It is ALL about the tshirt!


Man, it sucks when Vlad is right. The tribe is lighting the torch and this time going after Kevin Beares, possibly the nicest person working at Microsoft. What did Kevin do wrong? He didn’t offer a free tshirt or $10 for a survey and is stuck at 250 responses in two weeks.

So, ‘let’s see if we can beat that: FILL OUT THIS SURVEY AND WIN A FREE TSHIRT.

7 Responses to I cannot stress this enough. It is ALL about the tshirt!

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  2. So, it’s okay to destroy Microsoft’s entire Corporate Strategy piece by piece but we can’t question a Community Survey? I’m sure Kevin is a great person and I’ll happily buy him a beer at WPC and thank him for all that he does but you know it’s not about that!

  3. Logan Tamer says:

    So how do I get a tshit?

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  5. Randy says:

    I actually tried to take the survey – it asked me a couple of preliminary questions then said I didn’t fit the profile and dropped me. Not big enough, I suppose – I’m just a one man band working with tiny businesses. I’m a registered partner and Small Business Specialist.

  6. David Schrag says:

    Wrong survey, Randy. Follow the link above and you’ll get to the right one. If it makes you feel any better, I also tried to take the SBS survey and didn’t qualify, probably because I didn’t sell enough units.

  7. HandyAndy says:

    No one sells less software than me ( I am a SPF) and it let me take it, so you must be doing something wrong or on the wrong survey. I think as long as you are still breathing Kevin wants to hear from you :>)

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