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Over the past year or so I have been trying to offer an amplified voice to the challenges the ITPRO community is feeling around the Microsoft brand. One of my major gripes with Redmond is the near absence of marketing or competitive response to the constant beatdown by the competitors. At this point it is probably too late for Microsoft to respond as millions of dollars have already gone far enough to encourage people to look at something other than Microsoft when it comes to technology spending for their business.

However, I would like to personally congratulate Andy Lees, Sr. VP of Microsoft Mobile Communications Business for figuratively whipping out his big fat black dick using it to bitchslap the Apple iPhone crachwhore up and down the 36 cracktown blocks.

That’s how I’d put it, but for a more PC version check out Fortune Apple 2.0: Microsoft packs 36 iPhone digs into one 7-paragraph letter. So far this is the best blog post of the year, and definitely the best news release of the year. It’s not every day that Microsoft brags about having an open platform and 150 different phone choices (none suitable for even basic web browsing but let’s not nitpick).

Is this letter too little too late? Time will tell, I for one will get the iPhone the moment they deliver full EAS support. Let’s hope Microsoft figures out how to take a few of those billions of dollars in the bank and spend it on customer-facing marketing instead of waiting for its partners to do it.

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