Words of Wisdom


You might want to look the other way, this one gets messy.

If there are any words of wisdom I wish to impart on you, my dear audience – whether you’re an SPF, a business owner, a student, a stay at home mom/dad, a techie or someone who just got lost here – it would be this:

“Never fuck with resourceful assholes.”

004119_11 Arrogance is a funny thing, it encourages you to plow ahead without concern for consequences, without regard for the feedback of the people you are affecting and without care because it’s all about the money and whoever has the bigger pile wins. Which I am sure works great, until you piss off resourceful people that will work for next to nothing just for the satisfaction of kicking your ass.

Tune in over the next 10 days, I promise it will be fun to watch. Oh, and if you blog about any of it I’ve got a pile of shiny iPods just looking for a good home! It’s iPods and steak knifes.

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