Already missing the WPC


Every now and then I get to see a giant mistake unfold right in front of me and this year it seems to be missing out on WPC. While there is no way I possibly could have made it, I felt a little less bad knowing that I could at least catch a glimpse of it through Digital WPC:

Eh, not quite. We’re working on something else for the folks that want a digest from WPC in terms of the news and impact on our business (announcement to follow). If anything, WPC is a look down the years of vision and direction of where Microsoft expects to make money not to mention terrific networking opportunities, even HTG is airing theirs.

Wish I could be there, bah..

P.S. It’s so sad when you can’t even take a potshot because you feel so bad about them, they want to provide services but can’t even keep the Partner web site together at 5AM.

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