Exchange Server 2007 and Outlook 2007 Updates

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Microsoft has released two important updates to the messaging infrastructure this week. Exchange 2007 SP1 (which you should be running) now goes to Update Rollup 3 fixing the issues of it taking foreeeeever to open the Exchange System Manager MMC console to launch. Outlook 2007 also gets a refresh aleviating the issues where hung dialog boxes and forms would stop Outlook from responding and eventually required a three finger salute to take out and then wait for the ost to be checked and rebuilt.

These have been significant problems for us and our clients so if you’ve experienced them get to patching. We have tested the Exchange update rollup significantly and its currently running on the OWN enterprise grid around the world and so far 0 trouble tickets raise. Outlook I wouldn’t know about, I’m OWA2007 all the way – the desktop be damned.

Note: If you are new to Microsoft Exchange 2007 be careful with the patches. Microsoft Exchange 2007 currently has two production branches with two production patch updates. If you are running the Exchange 2007 without Service Pack 1 you have one update rollup to install, if you have the version with Service Pack 1 there is another update rollup to apply.