WPC Podcast – Day 2 and S+S from a CRM Partners view


Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. Microsoft made a huge announcement about their Software + Services initiative that directly compromises the value of not just their own products but of their partner program as well. You’ve already seen my opinion of it, in a raw way that only Vladville can deliver, and today we actually talk shop about it on the OWN Partner Call #2 with Scott Colson.

Scott is a good friend and a long time partner that has sold pretty much everything OWN has produced. We even sell CRM together if you can believe it. So when I saw him pop up on IM last night a lightbulb in my head switched on – here is someone who already has to compete with Microsoft CRM Online in his CRM specialty. Scott’s company, Autonomix, provides both traditional infrastructure (managed services) as well as special CRM deployments including customization and development. With Microsoft already being in his space, what does Scott think of the new additions to the S+S space and what is his business model?

Tune in and find out. Best 20 minutes you’ll spend today to sum up all of yesterdays events impacts on our space.

Still seeking the title for the podcast. I was thinking of going with “How Successful IT People Make Money” but it seemed a little too arrogant for the professional corporate podcast. Suggestions, ideas, opinions?