Lucy’s Sail: Chapter 2: … And they only had the dropbear left to scare children..


Endeavour_replica_in_Cooktown_harbourOnce upon a time, on a continent far, far (far, far, far, far) away prisoners of her majesty told scary stories to their children to keep them from getting hit in the head by the falling branches of the eucalyptus trees. The fable says that if the large carnivorous dropbear doesn’t eat you, you may grow up to download something off the Internet and have all your worldly possessions taken away by Telstra. As of today, the only scary story the Australian’s have to fear is that of the dropbear itself because…

Own Web Now proudly launches it’s Australian branch!

steve1 In yet another effort to prove that the world (at least Internet) is flat, the services we are launching in Australia are going to be priced the same as their counterparts in United States.

They will be a lot faster though, served straight off our infrastructure in Sydney which means no more delays for the transatlantic packet journey.

And just as I mentioned yesterday, say goodbye to being treated like a second rate citizen – say ehlo to my big friend – 10 Gb Exchange 2007 mailboxes.

Captain Cook is also bringing SharePoint 2007 which will be free with the Exchange 2007 hosting.

For those of you looking for a fast presence in Australia, email, web hosting, pop3/imap and sql are also on the ship, still under $10.

Not a joke, not a promotional stunt, not a limited offering, not testing the waters. Simply a giant thanks to Australia and New Zealand for being so supportive of my business for years. Shockey Monkey is huge down under and was the second of my products to be announced with native presence in Australia. I am simply answering the demand to help my partners in Australia stay on the edge as the world of services evolves. Available…. immediately.

The only product not offered natively in Australia are the offsite backups. Not because we don’t love you, but because we’ve seen 0 (actually, thats how much of it we sold) demand for such a service in Australia.

IMG_4608 So should you ever find yourself down under in Australia (as the native guide explains: head south and to the left) you can count on Own Web Now partners to hook you up with affordable Microsoft Business solutions that won’t break the bank.

Gday, Australia. More professional post to follow @ OWN.

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