Lucy’s Sail: Day 5: Canadian Berries


If you are a man or a woman hoping to have children, don’t look down 🙂

Do we offer Blackberry? No. Why? Well, for starters I think BES is the biggest piece of s*it software ever written combined with the dumbest network implementation ever. Canada should be forced by NATO to apologize for RIM and be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Anyone purchasing a Blackberry should be profusely beaten with it, strangled with its cord, then have it wrapped in barbwire and showed straight up their candy …

Will we ever offer it? Yeah, over my dead body.

Vlad recently went for a swim in the Pacific:



Own Web Now Corp proudly announces immediate availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 on our global enterprise-class Exchange 2007 network. In addition to availability from European Union, United States of America and Australia, the widest shared Exchange 2007 network now offers customers the choice and flexibility over their own mobility platform. Own Web Now platform for communications now includes 10GB Exchange 2007 mailboxes, SharePoint 2007 and mobility solutions powered by Windows Mobile 6, iPhone 2.0 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

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