WPC Wrap with Matt Makowicz

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OWN Partner Call 4 with Matt Makowicz served as a bit of a wrap to the festivities in Houston. If you haven’t heard any of the OWN Partner Call podcasts so far you might want to start with this one as it gives a nice sum up of the change in tone and attitude at WPC this year.

Huge thanks to Matt, Dean, Vijay, Scott and Mark for helping me bring you some of the WPC atmosphere at the convenience of your desk. Most people miss conferences and there is always that lingering question of “just what did I miss out on?” – I hope this helped fill some of the void. I got a lot of thank you emails, one very moving email from someone struggling in a tough market and downsizing that couldn’t afford to be there.. all I can say is thank you for tuning in and thank you for doing business with OWN.

Oh, and here is the RSS feed for your iPod. Submitted it to iTunes but that takes a little while.

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  1. bwilliams says:

    Vlad I just wanted to comment and thank you for all that you do for so many people. I am debating Microsoft’s S+S direction in the other blog post of yours and just wanted to come here and thank you for what you are doing.

    We are already OWN partners and beyond ExchangeDefender being a fantastic product it is a pleasure to partner with company that actually get it and can see beyond immediate transaction.



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