Ice Cube said to bring the yellow tape…

Exchange, ExchangeDefender

To the scene of the slaughter, which is precisely what we’re about to do our competitors in antispam and message management space. So come by tomorrow for the first announcement and general availability of the 4.0 feature set.

Crime Scene Tape

This is pretty big. How big? Microsoft and OWN teamed up on it and the offering crushes even what Microsoft has or will likely ever have. Yes, that Microsoft. It also takes OWN and it’s partners a mile ahead of the S+S game and instantly makes everyone, I said EVERYONE, an enterprise messaging user with the kind of scale and ___ you won’t get even in an executive role at Fortune 500.

Oh, and it won’t cost you anything more than what you’re already paying, that is if you listened to me. See ya at da bloodbath.

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