Lucy’s Sail: Shockey Monkey Forever

Shockey Monkey

After over two years in production, design and testing… The “When it’s done” just became “Done.


v2 has been in use at Own Web Now for a while and the underlying framework is being used to power all our upcoming projects. So naturally the amount of work that went into making sure this was rock solid was quite large.

The wait is.. over. If you’re on the list, you’ll get a welcome email today. You will be on it by the end of the weekend. No more wait lists, no more queue, no more “coming soon” – we will have thousands of you in the queue online today.

Oh, did I mention that it’s free? Yeah, it’s free for our partners. Will remain free till 3.0. To find out more about that and the signup come back in a few days when we launch the new SM web site. The names on our new list of “friends” will surprise you.

Now back to the celebratory Mountain Dew! 🙂

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