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Note to self: Don’t mess with Apple. My god, this level of shaming and humiliation that is so in tune with every Microsoft step ($300 million ad campaign, renaming Vista R2 to Windows 7) is just unfair 🙂 This is likely the funniest thing I’ve seen all year (well, maybe second to “Ghostriding the Whip” series)

Poor Microsoft…


Update: Oh dear god. I just got an email linking to the patent Microsoft was recently awarded. Go on, I’ll let you guess. Based on the last commercial there. Give yet? Patent for realtime bleeping out of profanities. Not ****ing kidding you, this is just got funny on a whole different level! 🙂

If you were Microsoft, what would you do? 

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  2. Robert says:

    Good stuff – 100x better than those lame Seinfeld/Gates ads. It’s good Microsoft has someone to kick them in the “you know whats”…

  3. Travis says:

    I wanna be the PC guy…getting paid by two enemies to work against the other?

  4. Dan McCoy says:

    Hey Microsoft and the candidates have a lot in common. They all spend their time pissing on the “other guy” instead of innovating and selling us on their merits. If I walked into a clients office and pissed on another MSP, I would likely loose the bid…

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