Official Endorsement


491px-Mrmcmahon092407 (this is meant to be funny/satirical)

I fully and completely endorse Barack Obama for President of United States of America.

Not necessarily for his policies, or track record, or judgement or his financial plan. I just absolutely love this guys style, the level of ass displayed just today fits into Vladville perfectly:


Obama rolled out a 30 minute infomercial during prime time to pimp himself out for the arguably greatest job in the world. Fighting with a campaign that’s all but run out of money, venom and tax cheating plumbers, to go out and buy 30 minutes across top 3 TV networks to gloat is something even Vince McMahon didn’t do when he bought WCW for spare change in his couch and a pack of peanuts.  

I’m soooo Hood Throwback

Obama held a rally at midnight right down the street from me and brought out the greatest black president in the history of America: William Jefferson Clinton. Not only do I share a birthday with Bubba but the value system too: Chunky college chicks. Yummy.

Cheap Shots

Quote of the election, about taxes: 98% of small businesses make less than $250,000. And 99% of plumbers make less than $250,000!

That my friends is what I call a Vladville hat-trick. If he took a swipe at SPFs and got played out by Lil Wayne and T-Pain I would be defacing my car with a bumper sticker right now.

Cheapshot Update: Not 120 seconds after this post live I got an IM: “you need the full quote – 98% of small businesses make less than $250,000. And 99% of plumbers make less than $250,000! 101% of SBS consultants make < $250K.”

Seriously folks, thank you for reading my blog. If there is one thing this blog can ever do to influence you to be a bigger ass, you let me know 🙂

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