IT Book Bailout


My buddy Karl is trying to help you in a down economy. Spend $20, get $8 off:

If you haven’t looked through Karl’s stuff before let me offer you my advice. Get Karl’s Managed Services in a Month for $19.95 and Dave Sobel’s Building a Referral System for $9.99. That brings the total to under $30 and with the bailout cupon that’s $22. Set a weekend aside between now and new years and get your managed on.

People are struggling right now and one thing they definitely cannot afford is big IT bills. Put the info up there to a good use to establish a low cost MSP practice that can build referrals and offer just the basic monitoring and patching that you can do with even free tools. Then make the clients market it for you.

2 Responses to IT Book Bailout

  1. Dan McCoy says:

    If you want a bunch of low class, price shopping weenies, then you are the cheapest IT provider out there. I have to heartily disagree with you Vlad. You want people that respect your people, then you deliver solid services, with solid products, flat fee, no hassle, no nickel and diming and offer a WOW experience. You can make 10000 a month with 5 $2000/month clients or with 10 $1000 a month clients. Which would you rather have. My entire new marketing launch coming shortly is designed to bring those higher clients to me. They are out there, you just have to find them.

  2. vlad says:


    You are entitled to your opinion. And I suppose if you are a pure-play MSP that only does MSP stuff then you might have a point. However, most of the profitable MSPs I deal with only look at the MSP arm of their business as the lead generation and the network stabilization part of deploying their high margin products – their consulting, application experise, vertical experience, etc.

    If your entire business model only consists of making a markup off a functional network component then you do have to fear the low cost providers that are going to displace you to a great degree (see V… newsletter) but if you’re not a one-trick-pony then another tool to your arsenal, in particular a low cost one to expand your offerings during the time others are struggling, there is no time like the present to arm up.


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