Defining Value

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Earlier today a few of my closest advisers in our business got together to record a podcast: Karl Palachuk, Dave Sobel, Mark Crall, Stuart Selbst talked about Microsoft, Apple, MSP, marketing, top 100 lists, SMB strategies, etc.

This is perhaps the most valuable 1 hour I’ve spent this week because these are the folks I seek out when I go to a conference. Just about the most connected, most social bunch of people I know and talk about a great sounding wall. Now I can keep in touch with them and evaluate all the developments in the space that I may not be in. Today I found at least one successful marketing strategy that we need to be working on, plus all the real stories behind the headlines and what’s really going on.

Karl did mention once or twice or.. 🙂

And damn it was hilarious.

We’ll have SPAM Show #3 online early next week at, if you’d like to keep in touch with these community podcasts sign up for the blog feed off the main page or just listen to it on the right.


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