In case you’ve been missing out on community interaction or SBS Show…


Recording podcasts can be a lot of fun. Things tend to build on one another, conversation carries on… and one sure way we always knew it was time to wrap things up was when someone said something so suggestive that any comment, response or further conversation would get us all in trouble. Bringing the show to a new low with a little humor always let our listeners walk away from it with a positive feeling, no matter how difficult of a topic we were discussing.

Autotask Conference Promo (Last 60 seconds of the show):


Last Friday we recorded a podcast with the usual characters and really the folks you would pay hundreds of dollars to hear speak at a conference. The topic? How economy is affecting the MSP market. Things are either going great or they are going terrible, and taking sides in that conversation can be dangerous.

I’ve included the last 60 seconds of the podcast (player above, if you don’t see it please navigate to in hopes that it will give you an idea of how we turn a difficult topic into an educational and entertaining one.

All in all, I just hope we’re still invited to the Autotask conference. You can’t buy publicity like this 🙂

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