Fellowship of The Binary Tree

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Someone provided the following comment at digg:

So the next time some mormons/jehovah’s witnesses/christians come to your door preaching the bible, go ahead and pull out your biochemistry/computer science/math text books and preach that ***** loud and proud.

Now here is where it gets awesome. Check out one of the followup comments:

And the binary tree said unto its many nodes:

Rejoice in the root node, for it is the beginning of all. No matter your node size, the root node loves you all.

Asked the leaf node:

Am I my sibling’s keeper.

Said the binary tree said to the lowly leaf:

Nay, for your tree is sorted and thus it is your ancestor node who is the designator of your sibling’s position.

If you don’t find this funny, you aren’t a programmer 🙂