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If you work with me, you will be getting an email from me over the next 24-48 hours from now. It’s pretty important (to me, to you) so I hope you take a moment to go through it and see if you can benefit from it at all.

To sum it up: Things are going really well at OWN, we are taking advantage of the economy and we’re about to embark on an insane release schedule to expand our solution portfolio which is why we’ve been relatively silent on a number of fronts since last summer. Generally, there is a lag between us announcing something, partner signing customers up and then realizing there are missing pieces. I’m offering some incentives to be more involved in the OWN design process.

This is the extension of the “V…” newsletter, only applied more closely with what I actually work on. While I gave the open community one a shot, I am tired of trying to figure out where the line between the personal and business stuff happens to be – if it doesn’t apply to sleep, it doesn’t apply to newsletters 🙂

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