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If Karl ever brings over a big enough truck full of money for me to write a book, this will be it’s title. Think of it as a business model that emerges out of the state of utter confusion, complexity and let’s be honest – bullshit – that is IT consulting.

I seem to spend more of my time talking to a very polarized audience – on one hand I have a ton of people that are skyrocketing in their business, on the other there are a few folks that just don’t seem to get what is holding them back.

The answer: their bull.

Really. There is no seeming characteristic that separates highly profitable folks from highly unprofitable. I have folks with severe speech impediments rolling in four and five figure contracts. I have one man shops signing up larger customers than my enterprise wing brings in. There are companies in the rust belt and financial services that are growing their business faster than the “hot” verticals of medicine and telephony.

Every day I talk to people who don’t seem to want to do anything to reach a new audience.

Every damn one of them is reading, listening to my podcasts, going through my videos and documentation.

All of this is just a huge friggin ploy to take all of your money. There is no real value here at all. For petes sake, start copying this grammatical abortion and focus on growing your business!@$!$!@$

If what worked yesterday isn’t working today, change it.

If what worked yesterday isn’t working as well today, change it.

If what you have is working, do more of it.

We had a killer February, biggest on record. March is already 30% ahead of February. Every day counts. Every effort counts. By firing employees, cutting products and trying to save money? Hell no. By adding more people, cutting deals and growing the portfolio.

Let me get straight to the point: You need more variety in your offerings. If the crappy crappy cardboard marketing RR crap you’ve been spraying your SIC codes is hardly cracking the 3% return rate, even if its thousands of dollars in return, should be returning more. If your customers aren’t responding to your message it isn’t because they just haven’t seen the light and don’t understand the value of your model – it’s because what you have on sale isn’t peaking their interest and you need to add more.

People are buying. If they aren’t buying your crap, you need to talk to me. As of late, I’ve adopted the phone greeting to:

Hi, my name is Vlad and I am here to make you money.

This goes on every level. I spoke to some high level folks at a company I talk about here often, they have a + in their name. Guess what I told them:

I am not sure if the partner is willing to pay or if the vendor is willing to pay. All I know is that there is a demand for it out there that people are willing to pay for and who am I not to take their money and make them more?

Always. Ladies and Gentleman. Always be pimping.

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