I really shouldn’t be allowed into Fry’s

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I’m in Dallas for HTG and decided to come in a day early to go through some stuff. Part of that stuff is a meal at McAllisters, a visit to my bank and a pilgrimage to Fry’s. I call it a pilgrimage because it is nearly a religious experience going there – the place knows just what I want.

And mind you, it has a totally crackheaded taste.

For example, yesterday before leaving Orlando I stopped by a Walmart to get a power strip. I hate going on multiday conference business trips because my N+1 redundancy lifestyle doesn’t fit what most hotels consider to be a “business” traveler.

In my business travels I have unplugged lamps, microwaves, TV and DVD sets, mini bars, refrigerators even set electronics to charge in the bathroom. I have 3 cell phones, 2 laptops, 1 camcorder and I’ve actually downsized over the years 😉 I also travel with a power strip as a result of it.

So today I went to Fry’s. Guess what they had on sale?

Travel Charging Strip.

I kid you not. $6.99 for a 0 profile 0U power strip with a wraparound low profile cord and power plug. It takes up 1/4 of the space my current strip takes up and it weighs almost nothing.

Now, if you ask me what the other $300 dollars that I spent at Fry’s went to… it gets scarier. Among the selection, a universal rechargeable external battery pack. It charges while your laptop charges. This way I don’t have to charge multiple batteries and if my laptop starts to run out of juice, I can plug it into this 1lb battery pack.

God bless Fry’s and all it’s junk I always needed but nobody decided to make it.

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