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jensober Another record month, amazing 2009 and the future has never looked better for OWN and ExchangeDefender. We’ve worked very hard to make this possible and huge credit goes to our partners who keep on helping us build the best damn offering out there. Over the years the part of community and involvement was mostly an individual effort, Vlad(tm), but as we started producing more documentation, the SPAM Show, more conference calls and developer feedback… well, we needed someone whose full time job would cover interaction with the community. Meet Jen.

Earlier this Spring we started producing the SPAM Show, many of which Jen has produced and edited. As we add a newsletter, magazine, syndication and few more things we needed someone to handle all the communications, scheduling, etc. You’ll be hearing and meeting Jen who will take over a bulk of my effort with goal of making our training and community outreach a constant. So many people have made SPAM Show (SBS Show prior to that) a core of their training and community participation that it really needed someone in charge of making it a consistent full time presence.

jendrunkJen will also be joining Nicole and Travis on the road more in the coming months. As Karl noted earlier, I am not qualified for the after-hours sessions that turn into competitions of who can drink the most and still make it back to their hotel room, so we made sure to hire only the best:

“I was so drunk that night I puked 6 times.”

I can’t wait for her to meet Chris Rue and Mark Crall.

So while I’m sure we’re violating some child labor laws with Travis and Jen, they should keep the spirit of Vladville on the road as I roll out of the scene on my walker into my thirties.

6 Responses to Say hi to Jen

  1. Mark says:

    This could get ugly…

  2. karlp says:

    Welcome, Jen.

    Sorry you spend 10 hours a week deleting explitives. But at least I can say that most of that shit isn’t from me.

  3. vlad says:

    It’s all from Dave Sobel.

    I’m only singling him out because he is the only one voluntarily censoring himself 🙂


  4. Scott Cover says:

    So Vlad, at what point did hiring attractive young women and sticking them at conferences and the like with a bunch of computer geeks seem like a good idea to you? 🙂

    And did they understand what they signed up for when you hired them for these roles?

  5. Chris Timm says:

    Welcome Jen.. Good luck working with Vlad 🙂

    Vlad you know we love you buddy..

  6. Dave Sobel says:

    See, if she’s going to be a drinking buddy then I have to make good on trying to keep her day job from being too tedious.

    I’ll make sure to buy a beer for any expletive I drop.

    And Vlad’s walker kicks in just about the time happy hour should be starting.

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