Is it finally over for Microsoft Windows?

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Provocative title, except I do not intend it  to be.

This weekend was an upgrade weekend at Casa de Vlad. I upgraded my Macbook Air to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. I upgraded my desktop to Windows 7. These are the best the two companies can produce.

Snow Leopard: I connected my USB DVD to my Macbook Air, slipped in the DVD and powered it on. I clicked on about 3 OK / Welcome / Next buttons and went to sleep. This morning, I woke up to 10.6 seemingly a bit faster, same experience and behaviors with some more polished effects (Expose)

Windows 7: Later this afternoon I upgraded my Vista development system to Windows 7. Well, I tried, it failed. So I put in a new set of hard drives. First time Windows 7 failed because it couldn’t setup a system partition – it told me to look at Windows Setup Logs but provided no information on how to find those. It just failed and took me back to the start of the setup. So I created and formatted a partition, rebooted and this time setup worked. After a reboot it couldn’t find bootloader. Ok, try again. This time it worked.

One of these is an OS built in 2009, the other one feels like it’s still 1999.

I think we are at a time where Microsoft’s big TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) argument will come back to bite them in the most unfortunate way: are Windows systems too expensive for business if they impact knowledge workers for more than a day?

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  1. JohnB says:

    The problems started when Ballmer took over the CEO position. When I worked there that was the consensus of the many of the employees.

    Maybe Microsoft needs to upgrade or replace Ballmer! I vote for Ray Ozzy he has real world experience and a professional demeanor.

    Besides is it really fair to compare Apples to Lemons 🙂

    Don’t worry they will have service pack 1 released before Christmas. Release the bugware, patch it, presto problem solved. This is how the big boys like Ballmer play the game…

  2. Paulie says:

    Went through exactly the same procedure.

    Snow Leopard just feels great. Nothing in Windows 7 gets me excited.

    I think I am going to remove my main Windows Desktop and switch to Snow Leopard as my full time desktop and just run an XP VM when I really need one.

    Windows feels so dated and behind now.

  3. Ted says:

    So after one install you’re ready to write off 7? I’ve done at least four installs of 7. 2 upgrades and 2 clean installs and I have yet to have a single issue. It’s very clear that there are people who hate MS no matter what they do, and it is also clear that there are people that hate MACs no matter what they do. I guess its a little short sited to label an operating system as “too expensive” from one failed install. IMHO

  4. vlad says:

    Sorry, that’s just how I feel. If one installs flawlessly and other one has the same problems it had 10 years ago then it’s just a matter of time till the support maintenance expenses kick in.

    I can’t complain too loudly because we make our $ on broken IT… but I’ve also written the post and commented on it with Windows 7 🙂 I’ve installed four so far in the RTM era and all have had some sort of an issue that your average user would not be able to deal with.

  5. Paulie says:

    I don’t hate windows, I’ve used Windows since it was released in school and my entire working life. I make a big chunk of my living out of MS Products and Windows itself.

    I’ve only been using a Mac for a month, it was a bit of a struggle at first, but it just feels like this is what a computer should feel like.

    I don’t have strong views on this stuff these days. One thing that I would say is that the build quality of this Macbook Pro is well beyond any PC type hardware I have ever used, by a large margin. It makes for a nice experience.

  6. Richard says:

    How’s Life?

    I do not use Mac’s so correct me if I am off base… just by going with product description alone:

    Wouldn’t the “install” of Snow Leopard 10.6 onto Leopard 10.5 be like doing a patch, hot fix or service pack?

    How does that compare to “upgrading” (or recommended fresh install process) Vista to Windows 7 which by name alone seems to indicate a major release change vs a patch, hot fix or service pack?

    Seems in this case one cannot compare apples to lemons at all ????

  7. Brian says:

    The one thing that ensures Windows remains the primary desktop OS is the applications. Most business apps are Windows only, if more apps were available cross-platform then it would come down to Mac vs. Windows…until then it’s who has the apps.

    Kinda like why the iPhone is so big, it has the apps that people want to use.

  8. Trent says:

    You pride yourself in thinking for yourself, yet 1 smooth install with apple, 1 flawed with MS, and thats suppose to prove what? I mean your a smart guy, thats about as far from statistically significant as you can get. Lets use logic here. Snow is truly just a patch, as are all apple upgrades, basically SP’s that you pay for. 7 is a large upgrade. Do me a favor, go back to Mac OS 9, and do an upgrade to OS X, tell me how smooth it goes 😉

    Apple BS is so frustrating how it is constantly put out there like it is flawless. I even like Apple products all of them, but this shit has got to stop. I have seen a 200% increase in MAC support in the last few yrs. MAC’s are hardly flawless. They break, they get virues, they slow down over time with junk, they do everything a PC does, including suck….

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