My name is Vlad, I’m the CEO, and my job is to empty this bag of tshirts and stuff it with your money.


Hi again, from 30,000 ft again, flying back home. I love Los Angeles, I love the climate, the spots, the energy and the feeling of endless opportunity and people struggling to make it. But I married someone that I love far more than all that put together, so whenever I leave my little quiet village, it recharges my batteries and drives me even harder. Since Sunday AM, I’ve clocked 11 hrs of sleep and am currently on a redeye flight with wifi.. and I’m happy.

One of the most fulfilling moments of this week was meeting and hanging out the people that absolutely love this blog.

Listen, I know it’s been a tough year for many of you – and I’ve tried my best to put on an act that entertains you and cheers you up. It’s been a fantastic year for us, I know from conversations that some of that enthusiasm and energy has rubbed off on you and made you push harder and become more successful as a result of it.

Most of all, thank you for taking the blog for what it is – a venue for fun. For me, hopefully for you. I’ve met so many of you that read the blog and do business with Own Web Now and ExchangeDefender despite (or maybe in spite) of the stuff you see here.

I got to spend the last few days with some very close friends I have in this business and I can tell you that we extend this level of effort because we care and we want to push this industry forward. There is a reason I hit the road and you aren’t only seeing the sales drones and marketing popups.

The day you no longer see me blog, post jokes on Facebook, throw pot shots on Twitter, go out and hang out with people regardless of what their “lead quality” happens to be and the podcasts and webcasts die… is the day that Own Web Now Corp ceases to exist because you’ll know that I’ve moved on.

To those of you that see and feel that in everything I do, that work with us, that keep pushing me directly… thank you.

My mind is racing with 10,000 ideas and agenda points that I’ve accumulated over the last week, all of which I will sum up and tie together over the next 5 hours of flight, but for now I just wanted to thank you for your attention.

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