Is it time to revise 2010 expectations?

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This is the question that has been thrown at me time and time again by partners that I’ve talked to in the last week. The euphoria of the new year had passed. The “Windows 7” migrations didn’t materialize. World in January 2010 is the same as the world in November 2009 – new calendar though.

And it’s getting worse: Walmart to lay off 11,000 people with 5,000 let go last month. Everything from Dollar Store to Louis Vuitton is getting downsized, even the jewelry stores and luxury car dealerships are closing doors: And when even the rich tighten the spending you know nothing good is around the corner.

I don’t have a prediction to share, nor some great insight that I haven’t offered before but I would like to offer two personal opinions:

1) We’re still growing. But… we’re growing rapidly across the products and services that the market demands. If your mind is still stuck in the “that’s not what we do” gear, you need to grow out of it and fast. Bottom line, people are still paying for IT services and they are paying well. If that’s not the case for you, either your marketing sucks or you’re selling the wrong thing.

2) It’s never too early or too late to make changes. If January 25th, 2010 is not what you envisioned when you put your plans together, go back to those plans and figure out how the current measurements compare to your estimates and goals. Look:

We all make mistakes and there is no such thing as perfection – and the measure of the man is what he does after he’s made a mistake.

If things aren’t working out, talk to someone that’s doing well and copy them. Or back to the drawing board. But flooring the accelerator in a car that’s driving on the wrong side of the street is just foolish.

Again, bottom line in difficult times is having a solid plan and being responsive to the demands of the market. You’ve got to keep on moving.

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