How not to give a ….

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I’ve gotten a lot of praise over the few howto articles this year, glad you’re enjoying them. Really, it’s all just a bunch of common sense mixed with experience that isn’t common sense until someone tells you or you learn the hard way.

hownottogiveaSo, I’d like to ask for a favor. All things considered, I have an awesome job. I make a lot of money, nobody yells at me, I work with very smart people and am generally free to do what I want every single day. Life is good. But… Every now and then, I hit the a**hole mine. Someone finds a way to be unreasonable, ungrateful and pretty much just nasty for no good reason.


When I go home, I don’t think about all the awesome people I work with or the dozens of great interactions I’ve had throughout the day. I am stuck thinking about that one bad thing.

So.. my question is: how do you just let it go?

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