Why I recommend entrepreneurs to blog

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short version: If you put it in writing, you can read how stupid you ideas are.

long version: I spent a couple days at the HTG Summit in Dallas last week and I thought I’d reflect on a real life Glengarry Glen Ross moment speaking to one of our partners. His comment was that I was right about the cloud, I just wasn’t right about the timing. Then I asked him how his business was doing – stopped slowing down and looking to hire later this year. Oh yeah? My comment was: You probably don’t want me to tell you how I’m doing but “I drove a $90K BMW to work and you drove a Hyundai”. Ah, if you don’t get that reference, please watch this. And yes, I did it in the same inflection as Alec Balwdin 😉

Now as funny as that seems, it was not a pleasant conversation by any means. In my passive interactions at these events (watching the keynotes, watching the “expert” panels, etc) there is a very thick level of ignorance that most people can’t seem to. And I quote:

“Yeah, we think it’s the way to go as well but I just don’t see how we make the same margins so we’re going to sit on the sideline for now.”

Did you build your business in a quarter or a month?


Then what in the world are you smoking thinking that you’re going to have a phenomenally successful business in a new model in as short of a time?

Business building requires money, experience, perseverance and marketing.

What is personally infuriating is the following:

  1. Partners are not dedicated to a changing business model.
  2. Partners identify that the new business model makes sense.
  3. Partners identify that their clients are already relying on the cloud solutions.
  4. Partners are seeing demand for it.
  5. Partners are sitting on the sidelines anyhow.

If you are seeing demand, seeing profitability options (regardless of the margin rates, because your margins will continue to erode) and have a bunch of people you can copy… then ignoring that trend and that opportunity is a clear sign that you should not be in a management / business owner role. Business people don’t take a pass on opportunities.

This is why I recommend blogging..

Writing things down, doodling them, exploring different topics, trying to provide an opinion or criticism of what you see in the business will open your mind to more than just the herd mentality.

It will also keep you from being late to the game. Which at this point, you are.

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