Dare to dream: You’re all fired.

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Greetings from beautiful Southern California and Mickey Mouse!


Here is what I want you to think about: What does the technology landscape look like without you?

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Most people that read Vladville are in IT industry at some level (service providers, consultants, SPFs, LARs, VARs, MSPs) and our industry is rapidly consolidating more of us out of a job. How do you see the landscape of technology in a company when you’re out of the picture.

What does IT look like without you?

Who pays the technology bills and whats billable?

Who renews the service contracts?

Who buys the contract and what does the contract cover?

That should get you started.

Get creative. It’s the subject of the 2nd Vladville newsletter! Email me your responses please.

P.S. I don’t care what your thoughts are if you’re still employed – it’s a given that the IT support teams will never go completely extinct. This is not what this is about. What I’m curious is what everyone thinks is the next major area of consolidation and how we can make revenues if we are no longer in the picture – the service doesn’t disappear, but the serviceman will. So how do we get paid in a world where we don’t exist?

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