Beyond thanks – deep gratitude to everyone I work with

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This blog, for all intents and purposes, is community service. You’re by no means obligated to subscribe to it, or support it’s sponsors, yet many, many, many of you do. I’ve thanked many of you in person and on the blog, but the words thank you are these days just a matter of politeness, not necessarily something that expresses ones true gratitude. 

So allow me to do the latter: Today I drove an unreasonably expensive car to the airport where my son and I got on a plane and flew to Disneyland for a few days. He watched a few movies on the iPad, played a game on the iPhone, looked at pics of his mom and his dog. Right now he is standing in a window, watching Disney’s World of Color. As a father, this is perhaps the greatest gift I can ever give my son: that of utter amazement and happiness. When all the problems in the world melt away and you’re left with your mouth open gazing at something that just seems unbelievable.

timmycolor Every day a ton of you choose to part with your money and build your business at Own Web Now. There are far more of you than I’ll ever get to meet or thank in person for enabling me what I am able to do for my family. Likewise, you will never meet the many people at Own Web Now, whose families are supported by your business. I do want you to know that we wake up each and every day and go to work to make Internet suck just that little less – be it by killing SPAM or making Exchange do the impossible.

I just want all of you who don’t actually know me (and only know of the Vlad’s Ferrari Fund) to know how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me personally by trusting us with your networks and giving us your money – and what I, as the CEO, do with it. For the most part, it’s making the little guy in the picture above happy.

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