The Three Kings


You know how people say “Live each day as if it was your last” and if this happens to be my last day on earth, I’ll know why. It may have something to do with my dinner(s). You see, normal people live to meet celebrities and their idols. For the past few years I’ve been dying to meet a Luther Burger. In Vladville, Luther Burger is greater than Tim Tebow. No joke.

Few years ago, the Luther Burger made an appearance on The Jay Leno Show and ever since I saw this monstrosity I knew I had to live long enough to kill it. It’s basically a bacon cheeseburger between a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Yeah, it’s about 1,000 calories. The place that made it (Mulligan’s in Decatur, GA) was also popular for another signature dish: hamdog. It’s a hot dog wrapped in ground beef, fried, topped with a fried egg, cheese, bacon, chili, onion and more cheese. Somehow, Mulligans went out of business and with it the dream of eating something that would likely cut a few years off my life.

Until tonight. Matt from Ostrich IT recommended The Gravity Pub. You can follow them on Twitter @GravityPub. According to Jessica (bartender, absolutely gorgeous fwiw) when Mulligan’s closed, one of their cooks came aboard and these are their tribute sandwiches.  

2010-06-03 22.51.40

Alternate angles, just in case. The enormity of these sandwiches is hard to describe.

2010-06-03 22.50.12

Alternate angle. OK, I have to explain this one. The hamdog is a hot dog engulfed in ground beef and then deep fried. What you’re seeing there (round) is the hot dog and the grey area around it is ground beef.

2010-06-03 22.51.01 2010-06-03 22.58.08

This is where most people would stop.

But I made my wife two promises. 1. Till death (Sorry hon, you’re screwed, I’m still alive) and 2. Eat some Varsity onion rings before coming home.

So from The Gravity Pub to The Varsity in Downtown Atlanta.

photo` photo1

Two hot dogs, onion rings and of course, a diet coke.

2010-06-03 23.22.52

I have to be honest with you, 2009 was not a great year for me personally. Dealing with a growing business in which every new client exposes another inadequacy and the growth pains was not fun. Remaining positive during that period was challenging and anything but fun – I would go on the road where day in and day out I got negative feedback and then back to the hotel room to fix it. It takes a lot of positivity and self motivation (considering all the money) to handle the criticism for so long and so personally.. but I’m a big boy, I worked like a dog and now everyone loves us.

In 2010.. I challenged myself to enjoy road trips and what I do. Being able to travel for business is one of the best parts of my job and I wanted it to be more than airport, suit & tie, hotel, conference, airport. So far, I love my life.

Enjoy the pictures.

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