Washington DC – Cloud, Cloud, Cloud, Cloud..

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Sick of it yet?

It’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Microsoft WPC, at least from the vendor standpoint, is all about the cloud. By my brief account while trying to locate the ExchangeDefender booth (#743) the cloud is bigger than Windows for Microsoft. That’s a bit ambitious. If you’re ignoring the cloud hoping it goes away, Microsoft is about to unleash a storm of very good reasons why your clients do not need you anymore. And for those of you that think Microsoft is too big and too slow to reimage itself and take on the market leaders – ask Sony about Xbox and Google about Bing. We’re still dealing with the dominant market player here, one that makes billions of dollars in the marketplace.

They are making a move in a different direction, my suggestion is you follow it for a profitable route.

Now, I mentioned I’m writing a book about this – now well over 1/3 done. Running a business on cloud solutions is not the same as running a technology solution provider – but it’s a lot cheaper and hence more profitable when done right. I’m taking my time from a very (again, thanks to many of you) very profitable business at Own Web Now to share what we’ve learned in over a decade of doing where Microsoft want’s to go.

And I want to help you get there first.

So if you’re in DC, track me down and talk to me. I promise not to try to sell you anything. If you have a concern, so do hundreds of other consultants and I want to make sure it’s addressed. Ignoring problems has never made them go away, taking advantage of opportunities always has a chance for a win. So let’s brain up.

Bottom line: If you’re in WPC, look for a guy wearing purple.

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