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Aside from a hat tip to one of the greatest historical ironies, nothing really “new” happened yesterday when I posted about the Next to the last chapter of Vladville. While I wholeheartedly appreciate the notion that my blog posts would be missed, it’s not the blog that’s going away:


What is gone is the argument and the era of small business technology centered on building and managing a computer network. Check out the book The Big Switch or the last few years of the Vladville blog.

With the most complex and complicated aspect of delivering IT services to the masses solved, what is the next wave of simplicity that will wash over the IT industry, and even more importantly – what does a profitable IT business look like in a world where IT is a reference to something as inherent as flipping the light switch or opening a can of tuna?

dukenukemAs far as my opinion is concerned.. you’ll find out in a few days. After design, redesign, draft, redraft and release delays that would make Duke Nukem cry, I believe that I have the foundation for what is possible next.

My general thesis is as follows:

If the realm of IT Services is so easy to figure out that even a CPA could do it, then the profitability and business growth of an IT service provider is not based on our ability to deliver a high end solution that our potential clients can figure out on their own given a little bit of time (if you like to argue with “the cloud” go check out how much brains you need to setup Google Apps and get 80% of the features your $30K a year for a 10 person office solution delivers) — then the future isn’t in pretending it’s a solution to a complex problem that requires expense and expertise – quite the opposite – it’s a simple solution that is cheap and it saves them time and money.

I know it looks like a paragraph, but it’s actually a 131 word sentence. 🙂

The book that Vladville wrote on the evolution of an IT problem solver into an IT service provider is being closed on the notion that the IT-as-a-Problem no longer exists: So what do we do with the IT now?

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