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By now you certainly know that iPhone 4 has arrived on Verizon’s network. Their marketing for it is simply brilliant.

Brilliant (adj) is a word British people use a lot. It basically means: “I wouldn’t imagine something so intelligent would come out of someone so f’n stupid.” You think you’re getting a compliment, but it’s really just an insult that doesn’t get you punched and proves the later part of the definition above. Which leads me to the Verizon’s iPhone commercial.

It’s brilliant! Check out the full commercial here: Verizon iPhone – I Can Hear You Now.


First, it ties in a message that Verizon poured billions and billions of dollars in establishing themselves as the network with the best signal / reception.

It uses the same guy.

But more importantly… and this is bewildering.. it uses the same iPhone default ringtone.

So every time I am walking around my house… and this f’n commercial comes on… I think my phone is ringing. As I look up and around and wait for the second ring (which is immediately followed by trying to figure out where I left my phone).. I see the Verizon guy on the TV.

And then I’m reminded how I can’t make a damn phone call out of my own house as if I live in a stone castle. ARGH!


This is by far.. by far.. the smartest way to launch the iPhone.

Tie in the old message.

Tie in the old marketing campaign using the same actor.

Use the familiar sound that reminds you of what’s being advertised.

Do it all in a seemingly innocent way that immediately tells you what just happened. Really, 30 seconds is way too much time for this commercial. It could be just the pic above followed by the ringtone:

“Riiiiiing: Verizon iPhone bitches. Come see me when your contract expires.”

There. 5 seconds. Verizon, I just saved you billions of dollars. Though I’m sure you already knew that. Seriously. Brilliant.

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