Off Topic 23:11

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I’m not sure what constitutes off topic for Vladville but the responses I have received today compelled me to say something I try to say as often as I can:

Thank you.

Every time I ask for something on this blog, I am hit up via email, twitter, facebook, voicemails – you name it. The reach of this blog, now 7+ years old, is immense yet it always feels like I am talking to myself when I write blog posts. Some are funny. Some are offensive. Some are constructive. Some are critical. Most are conversations I have with myself as I contemplate the best way to do something.

When I hit the wall, the amount of help I get from so many of you is overwhelming.

Thank you.

I don’t write Vladville for ads, it’s not my job (I know for a fact that my opinions at times actually hurt that) and it’s far from a mouthpiece for my commercial interests. Yet so many of you keep on finding something in common with what I’m talking about that you continue to return, continue to read and continue to talk.

For all that, I am eternally thankful.

Today, I asked for some feedback on how to better standardize the CEO followup – I often get asked to do things that are truly not my job – but my drive to serve people at times compels me to respond. All I want to do is bring some consistency to it, so when you contact me you don’t feel like I’m ignoring you if I’m on the road or the question covers something so far out of the area of my expertise that I have to ask where to get started. The fact that anyone responded, to me, is amazing. That so many of you read my rant, shared your own challenge, and offered additional options that I had not considered…… I’m speechless.

So since I have nothing to say, I’ll leave it to something that nobody ever feels comfortable arguing, Biblical verse:

Matthew 23:11 The greatest among you will be your servant.

Thanks folks, have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reaching out.